E85Prices.com Now Tracking E15 #Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

E85prices.com just got more inclusive and now provides information on stations offering 15 percent ethanol blends as well. Visitors to the website E85prices.com, a crowd-sourced service managed by the Renewable Fuels Association, can now toggle between E15 and E85, locating information and reporting prices on either fuel blend. RFA vice president of industry relations Robert White says the improvements also …

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$3.50 May Be New ‘Corn Norm’

Lizzy Schultz

The impact of corn prices varies between producers in different divisions of agriculture, with some producers benefiting from higher prices, and some benefiting from lower prices. Many factors seem to demonstrate that the new long-term “normal” for corn prices may be $3.50 per bushel, and Cody Heller, CEO of Central Wisconsin Ag Services (CWAS), has offered his insight into the …

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IBISWorld Offers Buying Strategies for Ethanol

John Davis

The ethanol market can be a pretty volatile place when it comes to pricing. IBISWorld is offering a report on how to identify where volatility exists, not just in ethanol, and how to reduce risks in price instability. Because of fluctuating key input costs, prices of diesel and ethanol have displayed a high level of price volatility. While diesel and …

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Supply & Demand of US/World Coarse Grains

Jamie Johansen

A highlight for the 2012 Export Exchange was Dr. Joe Glauber’s comments on the supply and demand of the United States and worlds coarse grains. Dr. Glauber is the Chief Economist for the United State Department of Agriculture. Attendees from across the world listened as he discussed the aftermath of the US drought and the goals for price moderation worldwide. …

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Ethanol Report on Ethanol’s Role in Gas Prices

Cindy Zimmerman

It was the main topic of the president’s press conference today and Congress will be holding hearings on it this week. From the president to the people at the pump, everyone is talking about higher gasoline prices these days, but ethanol is actually helping to keep them lower than they could be. In a new RFA Issue Brief, the Renewable …

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Higher Blends of Ethanol Would Reduce Prices at Pump

Ann Marie Edwards

Oil prices have reached a new six-month high as Iran’s reduction of oil shipments to Europe is forcing American motorists to pay more for gasoline. In reaction, the American ethanol industry is telling consumers that higher blends of ethanol in motor fuel would reduce prices at the pump and reduce OPEC’s influence over our nation’s economy. “American motorists are looking …

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ACE says E15 Could Help Ease Rising Gas Prices

Ann Marie Edwards

Could E15 ethanol (a blend of 85% gasoline and 15% ethanol) be the economical answer to the nation’s higher fuel costs? The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) believes so. National surveys indicate that gasoline prices are up about 45 cents a gallon compared to a year ago, while ethanol prices have dropped more than 30 cents. Current ethanol wholesale prices …

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GROWMARK Watches Energy Markets

Cindy Zimmerman

One of the benefits of membership in the GROWMARK cooperative system is daily information about the energy markets and recommendations on contracting fuel at different times of the year. Harry Cooney is manager of customer risk management for GROWMARK Energy and he is constantly keeping an eye on the energy complex, especially gasoline, propane and diesel fuel. He says the …

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CHS Energy Remains Bullish on Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

CHS Energy is bullish on ethanol. That’s according to CHS Energy Director of Sales Mark Fenner, who was giving interviews at the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasting meeting in Kansas City. “We don’t know about the tax incentives, but even without it, I think we’re going to see strong use for ethanol because it is less expensive than traditional …

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Ethanol and Gasoline Prices

Cindy Zimmerman

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) has a good post on the E-xchange Blog this week about the relationship between ethanol and gasoline prices and the importance of the Volumetric Ethanol Excise Tax Credit, or VEETC. RFA Vice President for Research Geoff Cooper notes that ethanol prices have strengthened recently and while gas prices have also increased slightly, gasoline prices would …

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