Ethanol Recipe

The Associated Press circulated this article that originated in the Kansas City Star which includes a sidebar on how to make ethanol from corn. I thought it was so interesting I decided to make a recipe out of it! (Warning: do not try this at home!)
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So, here’s your basic recipe for ethanol:
(calls for 16 million bushels of corn to make 45 million gallons of ethanol – per year)

First, take 315,000 bushels of corn (per week), tested for quality
Ground corn into flour and mix well with hot liquids and enzymes to convert the starches into sugar for fermenting.
Add yeast to newly converted sugars; mixture will turn into alcohol as carbon dioxide gathers at the top of the fermenting tank.
Pump this mixture of solids, alcohol and water (called “beer mash”) into tanks; heat until gravity separates the liquids from the solids.
Use molecular sieve to separate water from the alcohol – which creates 200 proof grain alcohol – also known as ethanol.
Separate out your by-products – carbon dioxide and dry distiller’s grains – and save for later use (both can be sold separately)
Finally, poison your ethanol with a little dab of natural gasoline (a federal requirement to keep people from drinking it instead of putting it in their cars)
Result: 95 percent pure ethanol which can now be blended with gasoline and sold as E85 or E10
Total time: 2-3 days from delivery of corn to finished product


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  1. I am looking for a recipe to make ethanol not from corn, but rather from Prickly Pear Cactus Pads Do, you know of a recipe to do this?

  2. Hi cindy, My grandchild wants to do her science project on biofuels. She would like to compare switch grass to corn to see which of these two yield more ethanol. She’s 10 yrs old but very smart and interested in this project. I hope it is not more than she can handle. I figured I would use my old organic glass- ware set up for the project . Let me know what you think. My grandchild will grasp alot of the chemistry as we work with it. Then after we harvest the ethanol, we’d buy these little gas racing cars to prove we made the ethanol.
    Thank you, Alice

  3. i would like too have a recipe.

    showing me how much INGREDIENTS,

    how much of each for making around fifty (50 ) gallons

    of ethanol per day,

    and how too make it, for heat i have a natural gas well,

    on my property.


    gary l. rawson

  4. I have a system that has a 4″ column thats is 4′ high. It has 3 barrels with cooling coils inside with hose fittings on the plastic tops. It has a 55 gal. cooker barrel that the column attaches to, it is heated with a 210,00 BTU burner. It has a 55 gal. barrel that I guess is a fermenter. I did’nt get any directions with showing me the recipe or how to hook everything up. Do you have any info. that will help me hook this thing up properly? It is supposed to put out about 3 to 5 gal. output per hr. I really want to get it going, but I don’t know how much corn or anything to use. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rocky.

  5. I was wondering if you had dirrections on how to make ethanol from grain. I was also wondering if you had dirrections on how to make a cooker to cook it?

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  7. How much, sugar, corn meal, yeast, i need too make 50 gallon of ethanol and how much, and a breif answer on how too make it.
    Thanks, Gary rawson

  8. Hi i was just wondering if you could possibly help me out… I am looking to make ethanol at home as we are buying our own farm and wanting to cut cost. Can you please if possible give me a recepie for ethanol using Barly? and any other ingredients. All info pages just say “and other ingredients” never mentioning what they are. Much appreciated 🙂